One thing that has interested me over the years working in test is the question of how people got started working with test in the first place.
The norm seem to be that people "stumble into" testing from somewhere else, sometimes almost like a happy accident, and has been hooked ever since.

That was certainly the case for me. Educated as a telecommunications engineer and off to look for my first development job I found myself doing a shorter summer job for a company called UIQ Technology.
My mission was to test doing software development with their SDK and the accompanying documentation only (no communications with the developers in-house).
Later it turned out that the errors and the missing things that I found in the documentation I also got responsible for fixing afterwards.

But shortly thereafter I saw an internal job opening where the system test department looked for a developer to the test automation effort... and the rest is history.

So I am really curious, since most of my readers have some association or another to software testing, and most make a living working with test, I wan't to know:

"How did You get into test in the first place?"

Leave a comment, I'm really curious in finding out how people get started with testing.

Update1: Thanks to Jesper L Ottossen (@jlottosen) for pointing to this earlier Eurostar blog post on the same topic!