As the title says I just finished reading Weinbergs book "Perfect Software and other illusions about testing".

The book was easy to read and had lots of examples and anecdotes from his and other persons life making it interesting and rich and not dry as these kind of books easily can be .
He stated in the introduction that this book was written to enlighten people about testing (managers,developers, testers and more) and that a good tester would recognize and know about a lot of the things described in the chapters.

The first chapters did indeed contain lots of material that was familiar and that I have experienced over the years, but this just got me more inspired to recommend this book to all developers/managers that I know of (test enlightenment crusade).
It really addresses a lot of the questions that typically arises in a development organisation (why can´t we test everything?, Why bother testing?) and answers them in a very clear manner (answers you wished you had when sitting in that meeting with a developer or manager that just did not understand).
Another interesting aspect of the book is that Weinberg goes into the psyche of people and how we react to information (Information immunity, defensive reactions etc).

The last chapters really got interesting when discussing making meaning of information and determining the significance of it.

I can really recommend this book to anyone who´s interested in software testing or just wants to get a better insight into the subject.

Now which book to read next, J.Bach:s "Secrets of a buccaneer scholar" or another Weinberg book "Becoming a technical leader"?