At my company I have some good benfits, but one I praise especially high is my very own personal book account.

Yes you read it right ... my own book acount.
I can order books for 2000 swedish crowns (around 275$) of my liking every year.
The only attachement is that it has to be somehow related to mywork/career (software development, testing, personal development etc.).

The other day I got the latest batch of books I ordered.
After all a new year is approaching and I had money left to spend on my account ;-)

I´ve especially been wanting to read the last one (Perfect Software...) for quite a while now and started reading it tonight.
I have high expectations for it since I´ve heard lots of good feedback on it.
Anyone that have read it and care to share their thoughts on it or any of the other books?

Also as a note i think that the concept of your very own book account is something that every company should adopt if they want to encourage their employees to evolve and feel appreciated at work.
Just think about it, my company has ~50 employees and the total cost per year will be ~13.750$ (plus I´m sure lots of tax rules etc that makes it deductible and what not).
This is practically nothing when we are talking about company budgets of that size.
On the other hand it is a very luxurious privilege and something that makes me feel very appreciated and important.
The company on the other hand gets motivated people who hopefully will become better more well informed engineers.

Oh and by the way, I´m hoping that I will get back on my thoughts on "Perfect Software" and possible ideas and inspiration I might get from it.