Come January I´m taking a break from my normal assignment for parental leave.

I´ll be gone for half a year together with my son and it will be most interesting to put it mildly.

But for two weeks in January I got a quick assignment doing a job for a large mobile operator.
The work will consist of me doing an analysis of their current test situation in an business area and possible recomendations.
I will mostly be looking on the testing done by the developers and test engineers situated in the development teams.
In other words the unit, functional and regression testing.

I still wonder how my company managed to get me this assignment but I am very enthusiastic going into this, but also very nervous.
I´ve never done this kind of assignment before so I will have to find how I should approach the problem at hand.

One tip I´ve got is from my wife is: "Living with the natives" or "Going native"
She´s an academic in the social sciences and the approach mentioned above is used in ethnography when gathering material for research.
Basically one goes into the organisation and does the same work as the employees (a.k.a "The natives").
The idea being that it will be giving me a better insight into their work, daily lives and problems.
This approach is very suitable for me since I have worked as a tester, developer, test lead etc.
The question is if there will be enough time to do this over the course of only two weeks... ?

This assignment has really gotten me excited as it will give me the opportunity to use all my experience from testing to development and further on seeing the "whole picture" and how the organisation works, but most importantly to work with testing.

Just hope I don't bite of more than I can chew.