Today I saw a webinar (Do we need Labels? Are we all not ‘Testers’?) at work presented by Henrik Andersson.

He talked about the tendency for testers to label themselfs and put themselfs into boxes (agile testers, exploratory testers, telecom testers, senior tester etc etc.)
In his view, the tendency to label yourself is amongst other things often based on the need to cover up your lack of testing skills by showing of a fancy title.

His wishes are that we instead of labeling ourselfs let our work and reputation become what recruiters look at when hiring instead of what title you have.
The means to that end is to take control over your own test career and do things that let you grow as a tester (blog, be active in forums, read articles, weekend testing etc.)

As that was my intention when I started my blog here it got me inspired to continue with it.
Since the last time I wrote in this blog I have been on paternity leave and wonderful as that has been it kind of distracts you and let you think of other stuff than testing.

But since I´m back at work and currently at a very stimulating assignement at a systems test department getting to do all kinds of fun stuff like non-functional test automation, version handling of our test data etc. I felt it was time to get back to the blog.

So welcome back and enjoy your reading.