Earlier today I wrote on twitter:


Now this cryptic tweet can mean a few different things.What I meant at the time had its origin in a discussion I had with a team member and developer just before that.He had been working on a feature for a web portal and worked late last night.So normally I pick up the work my developers have done and start with an hour of exploratory testing.At this point my developers are used to me picking up a feature they have developed and submitted for review&testing, only to return to them an hour later with a dozen or so issues and defects on post it's

But now as we discussed what he had done and what I was planning for my e.t session he said with a smile:"oh and that thing there doesn't work, but I'm fixing it right now so you don't come over whining with your post it... maybe thats wrong."Win!At which point I replied that in this context:

  • Bug report logged == Inefficient
  • Post it handed over to you == Less inefficient
  • Verbal communication between you and me == Win!

So that's what I meant by:"The best bug report is the one I don't have to write"